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Words matter.  Share yours.


Samantha Laycock Blogging

Are you ready to share your story through blogging?  I want to help you get started building the blogging website of your dreams.  

Your story has meaning and it is time that you step into the power of your past and begin your own healing journey.  Blogging to me is about more than putting words on a website.  

It is about creating a connection to your readers.  It is about healing from your past.  It is about helping your readers heal in their lives.  The thing is, what you have gone through and what you have learned in your life, someone else is going through and just waiting for you to share with them the lessons that you learned and the growth that you have had.

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I am an authentic expression coach.

I am a storyteller.

I am a believer in the power of healing through sharing your story.

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How can I help you?



Are you ready to start a blog but feel completely overwhelmed by the idea of doing that?  

Technology just isn't your strong point so you don't think blogging is an option for you.  

I break down the blogging process in an easy way so that you can easily understand blogging and social media.

This program is for ANYONE ready to take a step into the online world and either share their story or create a business through blogging.


Grow & Monetize

Do you have a blog that you started but you are just feeling stuck and you are ready to give up?  

I help you realign with your blogging why and your vision while giving you actionable steps to create the blog that you always imagined. 

I help you brainstorm some ways to monetize your blog in a way that fits with your life and vision and show you how to create an income through blogging.



Blogging can be therapeutic but it can also be difficult when you don't know where or how to start sharing your story.

I have created a program that is specific for trauma survivors to help them heal and grow a community around them as they heal.

I want EVERY woman to have access to this powerful self-healing tool.


Hello beautiful, I'm Samantha

Our past is someone's present.

I started blogging in 2014 as a way to share my story.  It was the only way that I knew how to heal from my past.  

Over a year, I truly fell in love with who I was and began to notice the impact that I was having on those around me.

I started blogging as a self-care/mental health blogger and have grown throughout those years. 

I now help women share their stories through blogging. Let me help you share yours.

Samantha Laycock Blogging coaching a blogging client.

I was initially overwhelmed with just the basic information of where we could start.  Sam is so awesome in that she is so compassionate, patient, wonderful, and so full of knowledge.  I am essentially sitting here with a confidant, best friend, and expert. 

Jody, Blogger at Jody Laird Blog

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