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Photo of Samantha Laycock wearing a mala.

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Creative Strategist

Samantha Laycock

Blogging | Storytelling | Creative Content

In 2014, I started my blogging journey. Throughout the years, I have realized the importance that stories have on our impact. 

My business has taken me through many different paths and with each and every one of those paths, blogging has been there to help me connect, grow, and impact the community around me.

It wasn't until I took a small business program through Momentum in 2021, that I realized, with the help of the other entrepreneurs, that I LOVE to help other small businesses. Showing them, teaching them, and creating for them a way to share their stories authentically with their audience lights me up.

One of my superpowers is knowing how to bring your story into your creative content. By doing this, you are connecting with your ideal clients on a deeper level. We all want to feel seen and heard and it is no different for the clients that you currently have and your future ones.

Let me bring my love of storytelling, connection, and community to your small business so that you can uplevel your content, free up your time, and do what you truly love in your business. 

My Values & Beliefs

Stories Matter. Share Yours.

You have created a business around your passion. It should shine through.

I believe that women entrepreneurs are going to change the world through the impact that their businesses have. 

I want to help you create that impact. 

Your business is a piece of you. Let's bring those pieces together and show the world who you are and how you can help them.

Photo of Samantha Laycock with affirmations.
Photo of Samantha Laycock taken by Sarika Mehta.


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Uplevel your content through authentic storytelling.

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