YOU have a story to tell.  A story that has been building up inside of you for a while now but you have been too overwhelmed and confused to share it.


Why does YOUR story matter?


That was the question that I asked myself years ago when I first began blogging.  I thought that no one was interested. I was just some girl, new to Alberta, and no one wanted to hear what I had to say.  Except that it was all a lie that was only in my head.  Women were desperately searching for real-life in online spaces.


Women wanted to hear what I had to say.  They wanted to know they weren’t alone. I gave them inspiration and hope.  I showed them the messy sides of life.  That is the power of sharing your story.  


I want to help you by being your blogging coach.  I want to support you and help you grow.  

I am here to remind women that no matter your past, you are worthy of self-love and growth through sharing your story.  I am here to show you that true healing is messy, complicated, and a journey that is 100% your own.  

Words have a way of healing yourself and others.  Blogging helped me transform my life in 2014. I want to thank you for being here as a part of my journey.  For that I am grateful.  I hope that you will walk away feeling less alone, a bit empowered, and know that no matter what life throws at you, YOU are more powerful than you can imagine.

I became a blogging coach because I knew the importance of women sharing their stories with the world.  Words will change the world.  Your story will change the world. 

What is a blogging coach?

What is a blogging coach?  I have heard so many women over the years tell me that they want to start a blog but they just don't know where to begin. 


Is that you? 


How many times have you said that yourself?

Do you feel overwhelmed by learning everything about starting a blog?

With over 5 years of blogging experience, I help YOU bring your blogging vision to life.

how do I help you?

I help you make a plan. Depending on what ways you choose to work with me, I help you with:

*Choosing colours.

*Helping you pick out a domain name.

*Helping you create a tagline.

*Setting up and purchasing your website host.

*Teaching you how to set up your website.

*Teaching you about SEO.

*Helping you set up social media accounts and linking them to your website.

*Publishing your first post.

*Tools to use as a blogger.

*Create blog content for you.

*And more

benefits of working with a blog coach

Having an expert in your corner allows you to ask questions.  It gives you space to truly learn and grow.  Being a beginner is a starting point.  Some more benefits of working with a blog coach are:

*Learn skills from someone who has practical experience.

*Learn from someone who has been a beginner before.

*Being held accountable for your goals.

*Having a cheerleader beside you when you want to throw in the towel.

*Not needing to take hours to research how to start a blog on your own.


You make excuses for not starting a blog.

You have watched videos of how to start a blog with a blank face.

You have Googled, "How to start a blog" and have yet to start one.

You are ready to share your story but just don't know where to begin.

You want an easy to understand approach to starting your blog.

You are tired of the excuses.