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Setting the spark for authentic storytelling

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You have a story inside that is ready to come out

Are you a blogger who is stuck and not making the connections that you hoped for?

You started your blog with hopes of changing the world and you are barely making a difference.  

Blogging is about more than SEO.

Blogging is a way to connect with your ideal people.  Whether you have a business or not, a connection is more important than ever before. 

Your past is someone's present and they are looking for you to help them through it.  You are here to share your story but you just don't know where to begin.  

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It is time to take your blog to the next level using storytelling. 

ONLY 20 spots available for this LIVE course.

In this course, you will learn...


 Your branding is about more than colours and fonts.  How do you want your clients to feel when they come to your blog?

Your brand is an important part of your blog.  We will talk about how to incorporate your brand into every aspect of your blog. 


Storytelling is the framework for this LIVE course.  

You will learn how to put your past to work and to create a connection on an even deeper level than before. 


There is power in your story and someone is waiting for you to share it. 


Your audience is the most important aspect of your blog.  More than SEO even.  Yes, you may think that I am crazy for saying that BUT without knowing your audience, SEO will not work.   

We dig into who your audience is and how you can use your story to create a lasting impression with your ideal audience.

Hello, beautiful.

Having a plan puts your focus in charge.

My name is Samantha and I am the owner of Samantha Laycock Blogging.  I help women start sharing their stories through blogging. I began blogging in 2014 as a way to heal from my past.  

Blogging is my passion but more than that, I have a passion for teaching women to fall in love with their stories and to share them with the world.  

You have a story inside and it deserves to be told.  Storytelling is changing the world in meaningful ways but you need to have a plan.

Blog Ignited is a live course that will help you use your story to connect to your readers and to your clients.  Storytelling is all about connection. 

You will get to ask me questions and take each section step by step as I help you learn how to use your story to grow your blog.  


I can't wait to help you step into your power and put your past to work.

Once you enroll in this live course, you will get a 1 on 1 blog consultation with me.  (Value $225)

In this consultation, you will..

* Get to ask me questions in regards to your blog

* I will create a 3 step action plan for you to begin

* I will help you with 1 of those action steps to get you started