12 Days of Blogging: 4 Places to Share your Post

Updated: Feb 7

Welcome to day 9 of 12 days of blogging!! Hard to believe this event is coming to an end soon. Here has the time gone. I just don’t understand.

Are you Christmas ready? I think my shopping is done but I haven’t even started wrapping yet. Did I tell you that I absolutely HATE wrapping?? Plus today is the first day of my kids’ Christmas break. Now to keep them interested. It may be time to break out my Calgary bucket list and have some fun.

Today we are talking about 4 places to share your blog post. I mentioned in another 12 days of Blogging post that publishing your blog post isn’t the end of your work. Once your post is published, the real work needs to get done. You need to share your post so others know that it exists.

4 places to share your blog post


Facebook groups.

Join some groups that you do not run. Make sure that you follow the rules of the group but there are some that allow you to share your own stuff. The biggest thing to remember when being in these groups, engage first before you begin to share your stuff. You want them to feel a connection to you. You don’t want to be the person who seems to be there only to share YOUR own things. Make genuine comments on other posts and read other blogs. Get them to remember your name.

Other blogs.

Comment on other blog posts. Leave a genuine comment. Try and find blogs that are similar to your niche and this way you can connect with them. You will normally leave your website when you make a comment. Be real. They will know if you are leaving a fake comment.


Now, this is not a social media platform that grows overnight. I have found a HUGE improvement by joining Tailwind Tribes. I am beginning to see more shares from the pins that I create and share in there. Share other pins that you resonate with and you will begin to see growth. I am going to be focusing on Tailwind Tribes over the Christmas break.


This is a great place to post your content as well as finding bloggers that you want to follow. I am new to this platform but I am excited to learn and grow with it.

Do you have any favorite places to share your blog posts? I’d love to hear them. Thank you and stay tuned for while we talk and share graphics.


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