2019..... I Get It!

Updated: Feb 7

When life gives you no other choice than to change; you stop and listen.

2019 obviously had a plan for me and I wasn’t listening to it very well so it took it upon its own hands to ensure that I had no other choice.

Life is massively shifting and I may be sh*tting my pants a little because life is about to get a whole lot different.

For the 2nd time in 6 months, my family and I are moving. I will not say why in this blog post but it was what was needed for our family. So again, we are packing up our entire house and moving to Calgary. (Watch for Friday’s blog post where I talk about the City of Airdrie.) This means that my kids are leaving their schools. This means that we are once again, starting fresh.

A new house. 2 new schools.

Change is coming.

Where does that leave me?

I gave my notice at work on Monday and I will be leaving my current job to focus on my freelance blogging business. This is terrifying. This is fear on a whole other level. This is me listening to the Universe when it keeps showing me signs that I have ignored for probably the past 5 years (if not longer).

I am, probably for only the 2nd time in my life; (Ok maybe like 4th since I may have to include moving to a new country, having children, and moving across the country to the list) pushing the fear aside and just going for it. Not knowing the outcome scares me. Not knowing if I will succeed scares me.

This is my chance to work from home but also be there for my kids. I feel as if I have missed so much over the past year. Life gets crazy. Work is hard and sometimes it gets the better of me.

This is MY time. This is 2019 that I was hoping for. The one where I took chances and believed in myself despite the fear whispering in my ear.

Lookout 2019 because I have now heard you loud and clear and I am coming for you. Chasing my goals and my dreams. Believing in myself out loud and NEVER for a moment questioning you again, Universe.

2019….. I get it!!! I should have listened to you sooner.

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