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8 Must Follow Pinterest Accounts

Who here doesn’t love Pinterest?!?! I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Just kidding….

Or am I?!?!

I fell in love with Pinterest instantly. There is so much to explore, see, and it makes great photos for your vision board. (Yup that is how I create all of my vision boards.)

Out of all of the social media platforms, Pinterest may be my favourite and may take up most of my free time.


#1. Love Joy and Wonder. The name alone makes you want to follow them. This board is filled with meditations, wellbeing, quotes, and all things spirituality. All of their boards instantly calm me.

#2. Tori Hartman. I am totally loving all things that have to do with spirituality right now. There is such a positive vibe with all of that. If you are just beginning into a more spiritual path, she is a great follow because she explains what cards mean, chakra tips, and even free training. You will not be disappointed.

#3. Mind Movies. Again the name of this account makes you curious and pulls you in. This account is all about personal development, the law of attraction, positivity, personal growth, and so much more. It makes you want to dream bigger and create a life that makes you who you are supposed to be.

#4. Blessing Manifesting. Nothing says life positivity more than the words blessing and manifesting. I love this account because it covers mental health and that is such a huge and important topic. And seriously, anyone who has a board called Body Beautiful is a win in my book.

#5. Gabby Bernstein. Maybe I am just really late in falling in love with her but reading her book has opened my eyes. It has made me realize that there is so much about this life that we don’t understand but if we are open to learning and realizing our potential, our dreams will become a reality.

#6. Modern Day Manifestations. I am so interested in how manifestation works that this account is the place to be. It has affirmations, manifesting tips, the law of attraction, and motivation.

#7. Tulip and Sage. Again the name just makes you want to get to know this Pinterest account. It’s like taking a walk through the garden. I love that this account is a blog that talks about self-care. It offers topics like mental health, self-love, personal growth, and inspirational quotes.

#8. Suzanne Heyn. She is all about releasing your blocks to create a life that is filled with passion. Who doesn’t want to do that?

#9. Samantha Laycock Blogging. This, of course, is my Pinterest account and I had to share it because I am totally worth following. I share my blog posts, affirmations, life as a mom, and so much more on it.

I hope that you head over and start to follow these Pinterest accounts. It’s time to get rid of all the negative that is affecting you and fall in love with all the positive momentum in your life.

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