A Call Out For Blogging Features

It is starting to kick in. The feelings of isolation, darkness, and depression. We are into the first week of self-isolation along with MANY other people around the country and the world. I’m not going to make this post all about the Coronavirus but being stuck in my home has made me think of creative ways to feel less alone. And yes I hang out with my kids all day but there is nothing like connecting with people your own age.

So this is what I want to do. Connection is EVEN more important right now and that’s what I want to focus on. But I want to do it a bit differently. I want to connect with 12 women.

12 women that I can share on my blog and on my social media. I want to learn from you, grow with you, and share your awesomeness with my people. I want to feature 1 woman per month. This isn’t just about featuring these 12 women. It is about connecting and learning.

There are a few specific women that I would love to connect with. I want these next few months to be a time for new beginnings and learning new things for myself. We have been pushing for homeschooling since most of our children are no longer going to school BUT are we applying those same tactics to ourselves?


Are you an expert on goal setting? I am a HUGE goal setter but there are moments that completely trip me up and I get lost in the execution of these goals. I think this is something we can all truly use education in.

Are you a woman terrified of starting a blog? I’d love to learn about you and what terrifies you. I think that opening this discussion will help so many people.

Are you a woman who has started a blog on your own and you want to share your experience? I love stories. I think having a conversation about why you started a blog and how you began would be amazing!!

Are you a woman who has discovered her purpose and want to share your story? Again, I love stories and I love sharing stories. I would love to connect to women who know what their purpose is and are willing to share how they came about it.

Are you interested in co-writing a blog post with me? I have NEVER done this and it sounds like a lot of fun. If you have ideas of what you would want to write about with me, don’t hesitate to message me. Let’s do this!


I want to break them up. I want to build up a relationship with you. I want to showcase our behind the scenes, IG stories takeovers, interviews, and any other ways that we can come up with.

You share with your audience as I share with my audience. Let’s help each other grow in a new way and have fun while we do it!!!

I want my audience to get to know you. I want to get to know you. If you fit any of the descriptions above, message me. If you don’t fit any of the descriptions above but want to participate, message me. Let’s have fun. You do NOT need to have a blog to be a part of this. You can have any social media that you can share with.

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