A Teacher of Women

I remember the first time I knew that I wanted to work with women.

I was 16 and was nominated to be a part of an organization called United Youth. This organization is associated with the United Way. We were in charge of frantic money that was to be given to different nonprofits. These not for profits applied for our funding and a group of 4 (I believe there were 4 of us) local area high school kids were going to allocate the money how we felt appropriate.

Our first meeting was at an area women's shelter. This is when my eyes were opened to such a thing existing. We weren't allowed to share the address due to the safety of the woman staying there.

I can't remember her name but 1 of the 2 women who were the adults running our program made me fall in love with helping women. She gave us a tour of the property and told us all that she did. That night I decided that I wanted to work with women.

The capacity of work has changed over the years but it all has an underlying theme. Self-love and self-care. Ensuring that women truly know what they are capable of and to embrace that.

I love being in front of women. Speaking and teaching them. Watching as their eyes fill with hope and dreams. Watching as the wheels begin to turn with all that they want to accomplish. Watching them grow in front of me even though they have no idea that they are changing.

I light up. I realized I don't just want to do the work for other women. I want to teach them. I want them to know they can do it themselves and that nothing can stop them. Watching and helping women put their vision out into the world is empowering. It reminds me of why I started blogging and writing.

There is a certain power in doing things yourself. In learning how to create your vision.


I actually wrote this name in my phone on November 25, 2019. No clue how I was going to use it. As I was struggling to name my blogging intensive, I began to scroll through my million Samsung notes and saw it. I knew it was perfect.

It encompasses all that I want to do. I want to help women take their idea and help them get to the blog. That is one of the hardest steps in the process. What is holding you back? You want to do it but not knowing how is stopping you?! That is true for so many women. I want to be that solution. I want to walk you through step by step in creating your ultimate goal. I want to watch as you begin with a blank page and work up to a website that checks off all your boxes.

From idea to blog is my way to empower, teach, and guide women in learning how to create their own blog. It combines my love for teaching and writing. It gives me the connection that I crave to meet inspiring women. It fuels me up when women see themselves doing something they thought they couldn't.

I wanted to give a shoutout to Megan with Hello Life Academy. Without her, I wouldn't have the connections to the women that I have this year. I wouldn't have met women who became friends. She is more than a business coach. She is a community connector.

The time she takes out of her day to message me messages like this make my heart happy. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to go one step further.

"YOUR new blog NICHE IS on fire xo xo and it looks so professional/ up-leveled and perfect Samantha great job!!!!"

I am opening up ONLY 4 spots available for the intensive blogging weekend. Let's take you from idea to blog.

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