BeYOUtiful Box Changes

Updated: Feb 7

I have been doing a lot of thinking about BeYOUtiful Box. I love what I have created but something is missing. I am not reaching the women that I want to. So things are going to change for the better.

When I originally started BeYOUtiful Box, I started it as a subscription box that came out every other month. I then decided to change it up and created a monthly box so that women were having self love and self care items delivered monthly to them. I have been doing that for awhile now but I am feeling like still there is something missing.

I want to make something that will make a lasting impression. I want to be able to give the women who purchase the box more. I want them to walk away feeling inspired and loved.

I put a lot of time into finding the products for the boxes. I truly want the products to be used and not just something that is going to sit around collecting dust. That is important to me.

On April 15th, the cart opens to purchase the first quarterly BeYOUtiful Box. May will be the last monthly box before switching to the quarterly boxes so if you want to purchase the monthly box, you can do so here. As always, the quarterly box contents will remain a mystery. I love the mystery and surprise.

For this first summer box (that will be delivered in July), there will ONLY be 25 of them available. I already have 3 of them spoken for so you will want to get in on this before they run out. I am super excited to be able to offer a bigger and better box to the women who purchase it and am looking forward to treating women to self care products.

Watch here for when you want to purchase this first box. You are NOT going to want to miss it!!!!

I want to thank all the women that have supported my vision while doing the monthly box. Without you, BeYOUtiful Box would not exist and I am truly grateful to you.

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