Facials Are My New Self-Care Love

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Growing up self-care was never something that I gave much thought to. I don’t remember my mom ever going to get her nails done, or a facial, or even a massage. Her form of self-care (that I now realize is her self-care) is hunting. I believed that self-care had to be expensive, time-consuming, and girly. Things that just didn’t define who I was.

I have had 2 facials in my entire life. The first 1 I don’t remember a lot. It was for my sister’s bachelorette party (sister version only). The thing I remember about this time wasn’t even about the facial itself. It was about the so-called relaxing bath that we were supposed to have but it was more like holding on for dear life because if you let go the water was going to take you under. So it had the complete opposite reaction of relaxing. So walking into Tina’s beautiful space I had the bar set low.

Her space is beautiful. It is bright and relaxing all in one. We chatted for a few minutes and then I took my shirt off and changed into her wrap and got on the table. I didn’t know what to fully expect. I had my phone handy because I wanted to document all that she was doing so that I could write about it later and have pictures to show.

Tina asked what my skincare regimen is. I will admit here that I really don’t have one. I know that may sound crazy especially coming from someone who has always struggled with acne. In the last couple of years, my skin has improved greatly except for the odd breakout I get before my time of the month. AND OF COURSE, that had to happen the day before my appointment. So Tina saw my skin in the worst condition that is has been in for a while. It’s like my face knew I was going to get a facial so it had to act out. Like a damn child.

I found myself tensing up but the smell of the products that she uses relaxed me. They smelled AMAZING!!! And her massage skills are out of this world. She didn’t just put the products on my face, she massaged them into every part of my skin. It was incredibly soothing.

I fully intended on taking photos but there may have been a few times that I dozed off on her table. She seriously works magic on your face.

Here is a video of one of the processes that she did on my face. While this was going on, she massaged my forearms and hands. Never had that done before?!?! I may have been drooling. It felt amazing!!! She even massaged my scalp and neck. Her service went above and beyond what I had envisioned in my head.

Now, who is this beautiful Tina that I keep talking about? She is the owner of Young Beauty in Calgary. She started her business on October 1st. She has been in the skincare field for 5 years when she lived in Vietnam. She trained in Korea and Canada. Follow her on IG here and FB here.

I am incredibly blessed that she reached out to me. I can’t explain to you how I felt when I left her business. My skin was incredibly soft and hydrated. I felt relaxed but incredibly energized. I had an hour of self-care without any interruption from my 3 beautiful children at home. I wanted to show everyone my skin. I wanted everyone to touch my face which may have been a bit awkward so I decided against it.

Please do yourself a favor and contact Tina today. Book your appointment. Fall in love with your skin. You deserve some pampering and Tina is just the woman to do it. I know I will be heading back. Next time I promise to take some more photos.

Young Beauty facial treatment

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