Friday Feature: Videos, Videos, Videos

Updated: Mar 20

I am super excited to welcome Stacey Watts from UP Virtual Communications. I can't tell you the exact time when I first met Stacey but she has this awesomely contagious personality. She is very social, energetic, and loves what she does. AND so does everyone around her. Between you and me, my socially awkward self can sometimes get jealous of her big and outgoing personality.

She was super awesome to accept being my FIRST expert on Friday Feature and is talking all about videos. I honestly think that videos are an aspect of social media that most of us avoid. Or maybe it's just us socially awkward people who avoid videos. Either way, her expert advice is perfect to get started on your first Facebook Live or first recorded video.

What do you think about her advice? Are you ready to give videos a try on your business page? I agree with Stacey about videos really allowing your clients, fans, and followers to truly get to know you. Your personality can shine through on video and really give your audience an insider look and feel into who you are.

Thank you to Stacey again for being my first expert. Please give her a follow on Instagram and on her Facebook page.

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