Friday Feature: What is YOUR Vision?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

There are moments that I completely disregard what it is that I want out of this life. I don’t think that I can handle it. I don’t think that I am worthy of it. I question my abilities. I ask for other’s opinions when I don’t trust my own. Where does that get me?

Well, it gets me here...

It gets me wondering if I am good enough to be offering my services to anyone.

It gets me wondering if I am incredibly selfish for following my dream.

It gets me to question everything that I was so beyond excited for these past few months.

So where does it get me?

It gets me in bed, crying to myself, doubting who I am and what I am good at.

Today I want to talk about the giant vision that you have in your head. Maybe because I need to clarify or actually listen to the vision that is playing in my mind. Maybe I know that if there is someone out there listening, they also may need a reminder that their vision is perfect. That what they want is okay.

Last night my friend Tara asked me what my big vision for my life is. I was actually embarrassed. Embarrassed because I don’t think I deserve this vision. I don’t think I am good enough to achieve this vision. That because I don’t have a university degree, my vision is worthless. Crazy, right?

Here is my vision.

Did that video help in any way? Included in this special Friday Feature is a PDF journal prompts to help you with your vision. Just download now!! Remember that your vision is important and to stay true to yourself. I believe in you.

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