How to Love Yourself Whilst Still Being a Work in Progress

People never stay the same, we’re always learning new things and growing as we go along. We need to love ourselves through each of these new stages and accept ourselves as we are, if we can do that, then we can do anything. Loving yourself means letting go of things not meant for you and holding onto the things that are. Loving yourself means not being afraid to go out with or without makeup. It means having the confidence to say no to situations and people that no longer make you happy.

A positive attitude can impact any situation, if you can think positively about a situation and begin to learn from it, it makes all the difference. There’s a huge difference between waking up in the morning, feeling really down and waking up and deciding that you’re going to plan for your day and make it the best that you can.

I like having affirmations and quotes saved on my Pinterest boards and on my iPad wallpaper as well, I do lots of my work on my iPad and I think having something positive to look at every time I see my screen really boosts me to go that extra mile and remember that I am in control of my life, no one else and I can make it amazing, all by myself.

A positive attitude is everything, we all have bad days but if we can listen to ourselves and make the decisions that are best for us then we will positively impact the mood of people around us too. A little self-love can go a long way.

A healthy body makes such a difference, if you take care of your body, then your body can take care of you. I’m not going to bore you with the old, five fruits and veg a day, six glasses of water, eight hours of sleep a night. But I am going to say that figuring out what makes YOU feel best will make all the difference. Whether its seven hours of sleep or ten, six glasses of water or eight, what makes you feel best, will help you to keep feeling energized and productive. A healthy body means that you can focus on the things that are important to you.

A positive mindset comes from you, but you can help yourself by writing down affirmations and quotes that resonate with you and keeping them close by. I like putting mine up as wallpapers on my phone and keeping them on vision boards to remind me during the day! I have a whiteboard in my room too, it’s opposite my bed so I can see all my plans and goals when I wake up. A positive start to the day is everything.

Setting goals is a must if you want to get things done!!

If you set goals, then you can start to make a plan of action. Then once a plan of action is in place you can start to tick off those all-important goals. It’s so important to reward yourself for making progress and to love and celebrate the progress that you make. It’s so easy to get swept up and forget about all the things that we’ve achieved, take time to make a note of all the things that you get done in the day and all the challenges you overcome. Remember just how well you’re doing and that will help see you through.

That’s self-love for you, if you wake up every day (give or take a few!), telling yourself, that you are worthy, you are strong, you are whole and complete, all by yourself. Eventually, you will believe it. You will, I know I did.

Self-love tips

*Keep self-love quotes and affirmations, close to hand to help you remember how fab you are. *Plan your day and make goals so that you can create a plan for a life you will love.

* Talk about your feelings and how your day has been, speaking up is an amazing way of reaching out and getting help.

*Do what makes YOUR body feel good.

So, there you have it, how to love yourself whilst still being a work in progress.

Start your day with a new mindset.


You don’t have to wait till tomorrow, till Monday, till a new month, or the new year. Start making positive changes, right this minute by deciding that you’re going to work on being the best version of yourself till you well and truly are.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article please feel free to share it and hopefully you, your friends and family will make some positive changes.

Lots of love!

Hannah xoxo

I wanted to say thank you to Hannah for sharing this self-love post. If you would like to follow her and know all about her, follow her @hannahlillymay

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