I am 2 Types of Mom

Updated: Feb 7

I feel like I may be TOO ready for tomorrow. The first day of school. It’s the day before a new school year and the excitement is in the air. This year is a bit different for us. The kids will be heading to new schools in less than a month so we wanted to keep it a bit more normal for them.

They are excited to see their friends.

I feel like there are 2 types of moms and depending on the day depends on which one I am. Does anyone else feel that way?

One moment I am a total hot mess and feel so disorganized that I barely get myself to work dressed.

And then there are moments like today where garbage and the green bin is already to the corner for the morning, dinner is cleaned up and dishwasher started, kids packed their own lunches and they are in the fridge.

I find more than anything, September feels like a fresh start. More than the new year for me. It is back to a routine. Back to carrying my planner with me and keeping track of the days. This is what I crave. I love feeling like I am in control and September allows me to feel that way. Even if only for a little bit.

Are your kids excited to go to school tomorrow? Are you prepared to send them off?

I am looking forward to tomorrow. There will be no more constant raids on my kitchen pantry. There will be no more constant bickering happening ALL day, EVERY day between my middle and oldest. Yes, of course, I realize it will happen once they walk through the door again but at least it’s only happening for a few hours. There will be no more all-day video game binges. Yes, I am that mom too sometimes. (That is a whole separate post.)

What are you most looking forward to now that your kids are back to school?

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