I am NO Longer a Tattoo Virgin

I have been talking about getting a tattoo for a long time. The problem was...

I could never figure out what it was that I truly wanted. I wanted the tattoo to mean something to me and there is so much that is meaningful but not meaningful enough to be put on my body. In December I was thinking about what I wanted my 2020 word to be. Again I wanted it to be meaningful to me.

I finally had my word and I feel such a deep connection to my word. BECOMING. It has so much meaning to me and I finally realized that I somehow had to incorporate this word into a tattoo.

I contacted Elizabeth from Hall of Ink in Airdrie and I told her what I wanted and ideas of what I loved. And she created the perfect tattoo for me.

I thought the creation of the tattoo would be the hardest but I soon realized that would be the simple part. Figuring out where to place the tattoo would be even harder. Luckily I have a great friend who put up with me sending photos to her of different placements of tattoos. She gave me her perspective and last night I came across a tattoo on the upper thigh and loved it.

I sent it to her not really sure what she would think and she agreed. Then she put the icing on the cake when she told me what having it in that spot could mean for the tattoo.

First I will tell you about the tattoo and the meaning of it. I inverted the photo so you could see the tattoo. Here is what Elizabeth created for me.


I chose becoming because it is my reminder for all that I am still becoming. I am doing it with the mountains because it represents all that I have overcome and all that I can still accomplish.

Morgan told me that putting it on my upper thigh could help to represent putting one foot in front of the other. It also means that I am always moving forward so it is just perfect.

I am incredibly grateful to Elizabeth for creating something that has so much meaning to me.

Here she is hard at work giving me my tattoo while we chatted and made the time go by so fast. It didn't feel at all like what I had expected. I was nervous that it was going to be painful. I told Elizabeth that I gave birth to 3 kids without drugs so I could handle a tattoo and thankfully I did.

Hall of Ink hard at work on my tattoo.

I am happy that I went and got it done. I would have kept putting it off and this time I committed and treated myself to something that is meaningful to me. Thank you for making that possible. I am in love and am truly grateful to you for making this vision come to life.

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