I Want to be YOUR Blogging Coach

I have been trying to convey all day how amazing this past weekend was.

My first-weekend blogging intensive was perfect. It was a weekend full of creating, working, building, and watching someone’s vision come to life. Letting her hit the publish button on her website was a moment in time that I will NEVER forget. Watching her eyes light up as each step we took brought us closer to her dream.


You may be wondering what exactly my weekend blogging intensives consist of. Well, they consist of 6 hours a day of work. Working to creating goals and your vision. Helping you pick out colors, purchasing your domain and your website. Taking all of your vision and creating it piece by piece allowing you to learn as we go.

I have been blogging for almost 6 years. I still can’t believe it has been that long. You may look at my website and think, how is that possible, she doesn’t have the posts. Well because along the way, I have learned some hard truths. I have lost work on websites that I can never get back. I have had to rebuild what I had lost and now I am wanting to teach women that blogging is possible. No matter how technologically unskilled you are, blogging is an option. An option that you should pour your heart in to.


I am sitting with you 1 on 1 and giving you my 5 years of knowledge. 5 years it has taken me to learn and grow and know all that I know. Yes, you can do this all by yourself but wouldn’t you rather have someone with the skills and expertise to help you along the way. Allowing you to soak up all the information that they have learned without having to do the research work that they had to do.

Here is a video talking about the weekend, my 6-week blogging course, and my newest service. Hopefully, this video can help to show the excitement of everything that is happening in my business.

There are now ONLY 3 spaces remaining for the blogging course. You don't want to miss out. I can't wait to have you and watch as you begin your blogging journey.

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