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When I pick a product to focus on, I normally do not choose products that promote helping improve your body. By that I mean, I used to HATE how my body looked and I believed that the products promising to take away my cellulite or get rid of my tummy were going to make me happy and love who I was. And when a product didn’t work, I felt even worse about myself.

I truly believe in falling in love with yourself in the present moment. There are businesses that prey on your hatred of your body. I am incredibly happy that I set those thoughts aside when I worked with this next business. I know that there are women out there who really want to change their bodies and I fully support them. I just want them to know that they need to do it out of a place of love and not hate or they get nowhere.

When I first began talking to Tamara with True Nature Essentials, I didn’t get the feeling that she was benefiting from women hating who they are. She truly embraces all women and wants women to feel comfortable and love the skin that they are in. She believes in the product that she makes and is confident that you will fall in love with it! She wants to bring self-care into the home of every mom who puts herself last. That is MY kind of woman!!

When I first heard skin tightening products, I rolled my eyes a little bit. Every woman dreams of having perfect skin, especially after a baby. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to bounce right back and our body changes forever. As we look in the mirror, we are reminded of what we used to be and wish that we could go back to the pre-baby days.

To find a company that wants you to fall in love with who you are is the best kind of company. True Nature Essentials offers natural skincare products with mothers in mind. Their products are safe to use while pregnant or nursing.


At first glance, I loved the little package that it came in. Yes, I did get a sample size but I loved the size. It was compact enough for me to keep in my bathroom without taking up a huge amount of space. It was simple but elegant. The black package with the gold label on it made it feel lavish and expensive.

The smell is heavenly. I absolutely love the smell of Be Firm Body Balm. It doesn’t list the exact essential oils in it but it was such an amazing smell. It made me think I was at a spa giving myself a special treatment. Unlike most other lotions that I use, the scent lingered all day. I loved being able to get whiffs of it as I went along. It brought a smile to my face.

I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to use the product but decided that I would use it on my stretch marks on my stomach. A place of my body that I truly used to hate. A place that many women truly despise on their body. We look at stretch marks as if they are the worst thing that we can have. When in reality, they remind us daily of the life (or lives) we brought into this world. A constant reminder of the strength that we carry. I was keeping an open mind but wasn't expecting miracles.

I would apply the balm 2 times a day. Once in the morning after my shower and then once again in the evening before I went to bed. It went on smooth and didn't leave marks on my clothes. It was refreshing and made my skin incredibly soft and the smell of the balm lasted all day. The package itself indicates to apply it 1-2 times a day for best results.

I didn't need to use much of the product each time. A little bit went a long way and out of my sample size, I used it for over 2 weeks, twice a day. I began to notice that my stretch marks on the left side of my belly began to fade a bit in color. I was using it more on 1 side than the other.

The end result is that I would highly recommend this product. I didn't come out with a flat belly but I did notice in the short time of using it, my stretch marks getting lighter. It made my skin feel healthy and super moisturized. I looked forward to using the balm every day when I woke up. The scent would revitalize me and wake me up.

To get some of this amazing product or any of the other products that True Nature Essentials sells look no further. You will be buying from a small local business that believes in its products and makes a superior product. I will be ordering more products to continue using.

Products to me aren't only about the end result but the experience that I have with them. I loved every part of this experience. From the smell of the product to the way that it made my skin feel. Every morning I put it on felt like I was treating myself. Every night I went to bed, I felt like I was giving my skin the best possible product that it could have. Head on over and give True Nature Essentials some love and support. You can find them on their Facebook business page and on their Instagram business account.

Thank you for allowing me to try your amazing product.

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