My Blogging Story

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had multiple people ask me for my story of how I got into blogging. I am not sure I ever shared it so I thought it was a sign to share it with everyone.

In 2014, we moved to Airdrie, Alberta from Muskoka, Ontario. It was a move that we decided would be best for our family. We knew that if we didn’t do it, it would never happen. Quinton and Anneleise were so nervous to move. As any kid would be. They were sad to be leaving their friends.

I remember telling them that this was their chance to be who they wanted. No one knew who they were so they could reinvent themselves. That seemed to help them and they were starting to get excited. Or maybe it was the fact that we were flying and seeing daddy for the first time in 3 months.

After a few months, I realized that what I said to them was also true for me. No one knew me in Alberta. They didn’t know my past. They didn’t know my struggles. They didn’t know anything about me. I was free to be who I had always imagined being. I wasn’t really sure who that was.

After speaking to my sister in law, she told me that I should start a blog. I didn’t know at all what that was. She knew that I loved to write so she sold me on it by telling me that it was like an online journal. No one had to read it and it could just be for me.

I started on Blogger in October of 2014. It was a free platform and it was the perfect place for me to start. I just started writing about my life. My past. My story. Who I was, who I wanted to be, and when I lost myself. People started reading. I was getting messages from women who were actually reading my blog. I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting any of it to happen.

I didn’t continue though because women were reading. I continued because I could feel myself healing. My identity beginning to form again. Recreating my life and myself. I could feel the broken pieces slowly mending and it was addicting. I wanted to embrace the real me and blogging allowed me to do that.

Blogging has been a consistent part of my life for the past 5 years. It has helped me share my story. It has helped me reach women who needed to know that they weren’t alone. It has helped me grow as a wife, mom, and woman. It helped me move from victim to survivor. It has changed my life in ways that I NEVER expected it to.

That is my story of blogging. What is yours? If you don’t have one, what do you want your blogging story to be?

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