My Struggle with Morning Pages

Updated: Feb 7

A great friend of mine, Tara, recommended that I read the book, The Artist’s Way. This book is 12 weeks of spiritual work to help you get to your higher-level creative self. I am currently on week 1 and am so far loving it but there is 1 part that I am truly struggling with. Each week there are action steps to take. We can pick and choose which ones to do or complete them all. For a while now, I have been wanting to start a morning ritual. Mornings in my house normally go like this…. Me scrambling to get myself and Iliza ready for work and daycare in about 30 minutes. Me screaming to get Iliza ready for daycare because she isn’t waking up. Me screaming to get Iliza dressed now that she finally got herself out of bed. Me screaming at Iliza to eat breakfast quickly because now we need to leave in 5 minutes because she took too long to get out of bed and get dressed. Me screaming at Iliza because I need her to get her shoes on so that we can leave the house because we are already 5 minutes later than anticipated. And that is my morning ritual. HAHAHAHAHA!! I am not a morning person. It’s funny because I used to be. I would always be up at 6 am and ready to take on the day. Now, I can’t function. I have come to terms with that and I am good at not being a morning person. Who really wants to be a morning person??!! Anyway back to the book. One of her tasks that is non-negotiable is to write morning pages EVERY morning. She suggests waking up 30 minutes earlier so that you can complete this task. Morning pages involve writing 3 pages in a notebook. Just brain dumping everything that is in your head. There is no rhyme or reason. It doesn’t need to make sense. And you can’t look back and reread it. Just write and write and write until 3 pages are filled. I did it 1 day this past week. I didn’t make 3 pages because it is much harder than I anticipated it to be. But I did get 2 pages written. I am truly struggling to get to this in the morning. I am going to keep trying because I know that I can do it. Are you a morning person? What are your tricks? I am thinking of just leaving the notebook next to my bed. One less step for me to take. If I can stay in bed, writing and enjoying the peace and quiet then maybe that will help me get used to writing these morning pages.

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