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Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Poetry has always been in my life. It was the first form of writing that I did. There are moments in my life that I gave up writing because I gave up everything including the will to live. I wish that I would have remembered that in my darkest days. The relief that getting my thoughts out on paper made me feel. When I am really struggling, words can now heal me. They allow me to reveal my truth in a safe way. Writing it on paper validates me.

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.

Today I wanted to share with you a few of the poems that I have written. Love Within A journey taken alone Deep, dark depths Of a broken soul. Secrets held within Years of hurt, caged beneath Her haunting smile. Reflection staring back Words repeated day in and day out. "I am full of love within." Her truth ready to emerge. A new version Inside an old shell. No doubt in her mind Of who she was to become. A woman beautiful within. Samantha Laycock Identity The black hole consumed her. Eating away at the once Animated individual. Devouring her whole. The harbored secret Began to dominate. Annihilation activated. Destroying her whole. The fire burned within Scorching her innermost walls. Crumbling from flames Dismantling her whole. Rebuilding was inescapable Creating her identity. Celebrating the unrecognized soul. Discovering her whole. Samantha Laycock Worthless My feeling of worth Is stripped away By words, you can't take back. Pain floods all of me Escaping through puffy eyes Leaving puddles on my pillow. Life is messy But I am messier Broken into pieces. Isolation consumes me Allowing in only darkness As I sit and weep. Love isn't enough My brain tells me But my heart is screaming, Don't listen. Samantha Laycock

A few poems by me

Thank you for reading just a few of my poems. I hope you enjoyed them.

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