November is All About Growth

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

There comes a point in your life when things shift. When you are just ready for the next stages of your life. Nothing can stop you. This will be my November.

Our 2019 has been ANYTHING but easy. This seems to be the story of our lives. Just when we think we are beginning to get ahead, something happens that pushes us even further away from our goals.

There is always room to grow.

I finished reading the book, You Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham. I absolutely loved it. The thing is…..

I don’t ever see money as money. It is something that is needed to pay bills but it does not create our happiness. My husband and I have very different opinions on money and that reflects in the way that we handle it. But I made a promise to myself that I would try and learn more about money for his sake. Learn his side of things. So this book is my new beginning of learning all about money.

I love the approach of this book because it puts YOUR wants and needs first. It has you create what YOU want your money to do for you. There are no %s that you need to follow. There is no hardcore plan on what you need to accomplish. His outlook means that budgeting is meant to be flexible, flowing, and ever-changing. That there is no 1 size fits all when it comes to budgeting. Tonight we have our first budgeting date. Here is to new habits and conversations.

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.

Secondly, I am putting meditation, journaling, and yoga on my top priority list. EVERY morning I wake up and meditate and journal. Originally I planned on doing yoga in the morning but that isn’t what I’m enjoying so I do it before bedtime. This is day 4 and I have completed EVERY day since November 1st. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t struggled. Meditation came hard yesterday and it took me 3 tries before I was finally able to commit and not be interrupted. (Mom’s life!) The day before yoga was the last thing that I wanted to do but I found a short 10-minute yoga video and it flew by. In the end, I was so glad that I stuck with it.

There will be challenges. There will be bumps in the road. I DO NOT have the answers to everything in my life. I am learning to let go, remind myself that I am worthy and that the life I want to live will happen.

Follow along with my journey.

What are you changing in November??

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