Round 2 of Blogology Now Open

My kids have been home since the beginning of March. We pulled them out of school earlier than they closed because there was a family that had come into contact with one of the first cases in Calgary. We didn’t want to risk it. Iliza was sick at the time.

I would love to say that in these 2 months that we have a routine down and we are rocking this whole homeschool thing but that just isn’t the case. I had an in-person workshop closed because of this and I had decided to put my business on hold while we tried to figure things out on the home front.

Do I have it all figured out yet? Of course not but as I look back on the weeks I spent with round 1 of Blogology, I loved the time I spent with my client in teaching her how to build her blog and watch her learning the ins and outs. She has officially launched and published her first blog post and I am so excited. You all must go and check it out. Her site is called Orenda Rebel. Best name ever!!!! You need to be a member of her site in order to read her posts due to the nature of what she writes about. Your life will be changed.

Blogology began in my head as a 6-week course. As I was working with round 1, I began to tweak it and the blogging course is now a 7-week program. It can be intense some weeks but the amount of learning that you do has taken me years to figure out. Here is what Jo had to say about taking my course.

Working with Samantha has been incredible. She is patient, insightful, creative, and passionate about what she does. This journey was so much more than just starting a blog and working with Samantha is so much more than just working with a coach. Her ideas are transformational. Seriously.
Samantha’s insights and problem-solving have saved me hours of time and stress. I’ve learned more in the past 6 weeks from Samantha than I’ve learned in some full semester classes.
If you’re looking for a simple blogging coach, keep looking. There are plenty out there. If you’re looking for wise, compassionate guidance and a ton of tools for your toolbox, then this is the right place for you.


I will break this down week by week for you. There is a lot of information that we cover.

Week 1: This first week is all about your vision. The reason behind the blog. We dig deep and figure out goals, name ideas, niche ideas, and more. I want you to dream here. Focus on the big picture and share what your plan is for your blog.

Week 2: We talk about keywords and blogging categories. We talk about the differences and how to research the keywords that you will be using.

Week 3: This week is all about execution. You will pick the name of your blog and we will begin to create your site together.

Week 4: We talk about the blog posts themselves. Everything about them. How to write them, what needs to be in them, and more.

Week 5: We talk about content. Creating a content calendar and setting up social media sites. This is a fun week but it is also a lot of work.

Week 6: This is a review week. We go over parts of the previous weeks that you are struggling with. This is the week that hopefully your blog will officially be live and you can publish your first post.

Week 7: This is the week that I added on. We will cover setting up an email list as well as submitting your site map. If you need it, we will also cover Google My Business.

You will also learn SEO throughout the weeks as I break it down depending on the topic for the week. I give it to you in smaller chunks since it is a lot to work through.

I am opening this course as of today and the course will begin on June 23rd. For the 2 women that sign up, we can decide when is the easiest and best for the group calls. Included every week you will get a group call as well as a 1 on 1 call.

Every week you will receive a workbook via email before we have our group call so that you can work through some of the questions and work.

If you are ready to begin your blog, now is the time. Since this is a crazy time in everyone’s life, I am opening up this program to ONLY 2 women for a discounted price. This program normally costs $1,000. For the 2 women for round 2, you will only pay $500 for the 7 weeks. I look forward to working with you.


It saves you time and stress from trying to figure out how to create a blog on your own.

You get my years of knowledge in an easily understandable course.

I walk you through each step of the blogging process.

You have access to me when you need me.

You will have a live website before the 7 weeks are done.

Don’t wait any longer. Now is your time to begin this journey that you have been thinking about for years. No technical expertise required. I am waiting for you to begin your transformational journey to starting your own blog.

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