Stuck In the In-Between

I have been stuck in this feeling of my 2 worlds being torn apart for a few months now. Trying to bring my love of blogging and my need to help women heal together. Being told that I need to separate the 2 pieces of me in order to succeed. That separation inside of me has been creating this inner turmoil that I can't calm.

I have never felt that I needed to separate myself but there are some in business that feel like I need to do so. And so my writing has suffered. My mental health has suffered. My business has suffered.

Watching women create their blogs has been truly amazing. I have been incredibly lucky to have helped women who are helping others by sharing their stories and finding new ways to fully heal traumatized humans. Knowing that women are out there changing the world in ways that matter brings me hope. How can I do that for myself and the women I want to serve?

How do I stitch myself back together and create the whole Samantha again? How can I allow myself to be whole, successful, and fulfilled all at once? I can't sacrifice part of myself anymore because somehow that makes me a better entrepreneur.

I tell my clients all the time that we are whole people. That we have different aspects of ourselves that are meant to be shown. I am not only a blogger or blogging coach. A HUGE part of my identity is being a survivor. I can't remove that from myself anymore.

I began my entrepreneurial journey as a self-love and self-care advocate. It was my passion and still is my passion. I have been soul searching for ways to combine these 2 pieces of myself. When I think I finally figured it out it seems to be just out of my reach. So I have been meditating and deep diving. Trying to listen to the answers.

I woke up this morning at 5 am and opened my phone with an idea. I did some research and eventually fell back to sleep. I am super excited for the next chapter to begin. I have a way to connect these two halves of myself and I am working on something BIG and NEW and out of my comfort zone. That’s where the real growth comes from.

Stay tuned for more details to come as I slowly figure this out. Thank you for being here and for always being my biggest supporters.

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