The Next BIG Thing in Social Media Packages

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I was lucky enough to be recommended by a friend to do someone’s social media posts. I love writing so anyway that I can get it in is a bonus. I really was unsure at first if I was going to enjoy doing it because it isn’t blogs. BUT I fell in love with it.

Social media gives me a chance to interact with their clients on a more personal basis. I get to see who comments, what their insights are, and who is viewing their page.

I also love the fact that posting on social media is a small piece of them. Their pages showcase who they are, what they do, and why they do it. They are more intimate pieces of content and that is what I fall in love with.

I have decided to add social media packages to my list of services. I offer Facebook, Instagram, or a combination of both.


Let’s face it, I think everyone at this point has a personal Facebook page. Well except for my dad of course but really, what would he post on it anyway?? There are so many benefits to having a Facebook business page. You must remember though that a business page is different than your personal page.

Business pages aren’t just for marketing your products. It is a place for your clients and potential clients to get to know who you are. After all, you are a human and your ideal clients want to see that. They want to connect with you and know all about you.

Your page can help to drive traffic to your website which helps to increase sales. It is another layer to your marketing plan. Being a business owner means that you want to increase sales and make money. Leading them to your website will help convert them from onlookers to purchasers.

The Facebook business page will open up your potential to meet new clients. With the number of people using Facebook, you now have access to the ones that will love what you offer.

Facebook business pages are a GREAT marketing tool. To start your page, you will need to invest $0 into it. You can get started for free and build up a following. Plus once you are ready, you can run ads for your page to target your ideal clients.


The number of users on Instagram opens up your business to so many potential clients. Instagram has exploded in popularity. Just like Facebook, I think mostly everyone has an Instagram account. Again, except for my father. Instagram has 1 BILLION ACTIVE MONTHLY USERS. Just think of all the new people that could fall in love with your business.

You unlock amazing features when you have a business Instagram account. There is a call to action button, insights to your account, and you can also promote your posts like on Facebook. All of this can not be done on a personal account on Instagram.

Instagram is awesome for building up brand awareness organically. You do not need to pay for potential clients to see what you have to offer. This may feel more natural for you. You are connecting with people without ads.

Instagram has higher engagement rates. As a business owner, you want to engage with your clients. That is how they get to know who you are and how you get to know your clients. We crave connection and Instagram offers that.

Those, of course, are just a few of the reasons why having these 2 social media platforms are important for your business. Until October 17th, I am offering 25% off of any social media package that you purchase. Contact me today to set up a FREE consultation call. I can’t wait to connect with you and help you connect with your client.

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