The ONLY List that Matters

We never have been big partiers. Well, I haven’t at least. Our new year’s eve normally consists of movies, popcorn, food, and just spending time together as a family. We will watch some sort of countdown as well the closer it gets to midnight. I enjoy the peaceful evening that leads up to midnight. It is much different than the energy that Christmas brings.

Last night we watched YouTube videos of other countries ringing in the new year and all I can say is, WOW!!!! The firework displays were breathtaking. Watch England’s firework display and you will NOT be disappointed.

In the last few years, we have added a fun list to make together as a family. We all sit down and think of things that we want to do as a family. It can be places to see, things to do, or anything. I told them to think big and think small. It’s fun to see what my kids come up with to put on the list.

Do you do anything special for new year’s eve?

Things to do in 2020


1. Go to Calaway Park.

2. Go to iFly.

3. Go to the Calgary Zoo.

4. Buy a bird. Quinton

5. Buy a hedgehog. Annie

6. Go to Peru. Annie

7. Try new restaurants. With this, we have decided that we will eat out 2 times a month as a family. With 1 of those times being at a new restaurant.

8. Go to Disneyland.

9. Go to Big Fun play center.

10. Go to Flying Squirrel.

11. Take a road trip to the U.S. I want to make this a fun event. I have downloaded Roadtrippers and on this app, we can find cool places to stop and visit along the way to Wisconsin.

12. Go to Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells.

13. Go tubing/snowboarding/skiing. The kids got a day of tubing from us as a family gift.

14. Go to a sushi place. Quinton

15. Make our own ice cream.

16. Plant a tree.

17. Plant a garden.

18. Make a potato gun.

19. Water gun/balloon fight.

20. More hiking.

21. Go to a new province.

22. Try a new recipe weekly.

23. Monster mini-golfing in Calgary.

24. Go camping. If you have any amazing campsites, let me know!!

25. Get family photos taken.

26. Go swimming.

27. Weekly board game night.

Do you and your family make a list like this for the new year? I’d love to hear other awesome suggestions that we can add to it.

Happy new year and I hope it is starting off truly amazing!!!

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