The Outside Looking In

Updated: Feb 7

We have all been in those situations where we just don't fit in. We are on the outside looking in. Do we place ourselves on the outside or was it just a given? I am a type of person that has 2 extremely different personalities.

The first one is very shy, reserved, and hangs out on her own. It can be a very lonely place to hang.

The other persona is I am a sharer. I overshare too soon. When someone friends me because let's face it, they have to make the first move, I often find myself clinging to them. They are my life raft in whatever social situation I am in. When they aren't present, I am lost and unguided. Unsure of where I need to go and who I need to talk to.

Because of this, I am often an onlooker. The woman who sits by herself hoping that someone will call her over, ask a question, or just say hi. But more often than not, I am seen as a woman who keeps to herself; possibly even snobby. I write this at my son's lacrosse game with a group of other moms just to the right of me.

I am unsure of myself. I let my confidence slide. I play the comparison game. These thoughts that I don't belong constantly go through my head. I make myself smaller and unable to be my true self; hiding in a corner.

Why do I share this? I share it because I know that I am not alone. That as you are reading this, you are nodding your head and agreeing with everything that I say. That you are lonely. Lonlier than you let those around you believe. You want to find a group of women who get you. Women who will empower you, understand you, and know what you are feeling.

I want you to walk away from Mama Step Into Your Greatness online summit feeling like you could take on the world. That those moments of self doubt, fear, and lonliness are a thing of the past. That there will be no more of you being on the outside looking in. Watch, learn, and grow. Let these 20+ speakers speak directly to you. Let them teach you. Soak all of them in. Know that this is your safe place to be, to become who you are meant to be.

June 20th is the start date and you will get 4 days of women who understand you. You will be safe, in a non judgemental space. Get your free ticket here and I will be there right along with you.

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