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Updated: Feb 7

The past few months have been very confusing for me. Wondering what the next step is to my business and how to get there. I feel like my business is a bit confusing and I don’t want it to be so I have been getting clear on how I want to proceed.

My goal has always been to help women share their stories. Whether that is geared towards their business or just for personal reasons. We all have a story inside of us that deserves to be shared. Someone out there is waiting for you.

Creative Purpose. A freelance blogger and blogging coach. Share your story. Grow your business.

When I started Creative Purpose, all I really knew was that I wanted to write. Writing is my passion and I knew that I could get paid to do it. I know I am good despite the moments that may creep in and tell me that I’m not. I know that I offer a service that is needed and that women will benefit from it. It’s coming down to figuring out my services and how to get them in front of the women that I want.


I love to teach and I love to write. But how do I combine those 2 concepts in my business? Today I realized that it really isn’t about combining them at all. It is about making it easier to find on my website. It is about creating offers that aren’t confusing to my current clients and future clients.

I am going to break up my business into 2 categories.



This now allows me to focus on each area without feeling like it is confusing. For now, I am getting rid of my sponsored post options. I love doing them and I love writing about local businesses but it doesn’t fit in with what I am currently trying to focus on.

I will be creating areas on my website where it explains all of the stuff that I offer within each category. I want to continue to write for others as well as coach others and this is how I am doing it. Will it always be this way? I will see how it works and go from there.

So for now, keep an eye on my blog for updates. I am working on creating a beta blog coaching program. This will be open to a small number of women only.


Under my blogging coach section, there will be coaching packages as well as intensive options. With my first intensive happening on February 22 & 23. There will be 2 separate blogging coach packages available for you to choose from. This area will focus on teaching you how to set up your blog, SEO, categories, and everything in between. I can help you with getting everything set up if you are a beginner blogger or I can help you if you are already established and just looking for help.


Under the freelance blogging section, there will be an option to purchase a single blog post as well as monthly packages. If you decide to work with me beyond the single blog post, you will receive a discount code for the packages. This area will really be for those women entrepreneurs who want to have a blog but just don’t have the time to focus on it. That is what I am here for. I write your blog posts for you and you use them on your website as your own.

I am beyond excited for these new changes that are coming to Creative Purpose. If you are interested in any of these options, please do not hesitate to email me. Join my email list for all of the amazing updates that are happening and have my blog posts delivered to your email weekly.

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