Wisdom Wednesday: Listen to YOUR Desires 

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I know this AMAZING woman named Gina.

By knowing, I mean Facebook stalk her and talk to her online. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her in person yet.

Why am I mentioning Gina? Well she was the inspiration for today's Wisdom Wednesday post.

Remember when you were a child and everyone around you (hopefully) reassured you that you could be and do anything that you wanted? I'm currently in this phase with Iliza. Anytime she sees someone doing something, she asks if she can do that when she gets bigger. My answer is always, "Yes, you can do anything you want to."

Now when was the last time someone said that to you? As we get older, we allow fear, judgement, uncertainty, and criticism to get in the way of our desires. Believing that we shouldn't or can't have what we truly want. That we need to grow up and act like an adult. We put those desires on the back burner for when life allows us to have them. Which, let's face it, NEVER happens.

So what does Gina have to do with my desires? Yesterday she posted a video telling us to think about and share 25 of our desires. So I did it. (Once Izzy was napping.) I thought about what I truly wanted in this life.

It can be scary to think about your desires. As a mom, I put myself last more often than I should. For this practice, it was ALL ABOUT ME. I believe that we are all here to accomplish something. By writing down my true desires, I get a view into what that something is.

I want to share my list with you. I believe putting this out in the world, my level of commitment and my power to help you listen to your own desires magnifies.

My Desires

1. Publish my book.

2. Make $2,000 a month freelance blogging in the next 3 months.

3. Become a best selling author.

4. Make $5,000 a month freelance blogging in the next 12 months.

5. Take family trips yearly.

6. Connect to my husband more.

7. Be consistent with yoga.

8. Meditate for 1 hour per day.

9. Help women share their stories.

10. Get 2,000 blog views per month.

11. Be a speaker for TedX.

12. Attend a blogging convention.

13. Publish a children's book.

14. Have another baby.

15. Hire a house cleaner.

16. Visit home once a year.

17. Have extra money in my bank account.

18. Shop 75% local.

19. Renew our wedding vows.

20. Go back to school to become a therapeutic writing counselor.

21. Narrow down my niche.

22. Buy a home of our own.

23. Set specific work hours.

24. Spend more uninterrupted time as a family.

25. Monthly date nights with Richard.

I want to thank Gina for giving me the inspiration for this post and the motivation to look within and write out my desires. Make your own list. It doesn't need to be shared with anyone.

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