Your creative blogging solution.

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Sure you could watch hours of YouTube videos or take EVERY free class out there but you know where that will get you?

It will take you years and years to get your blog up and running.  Most likely, you will have given up before then.


You can take my course to help get you started without confusion and with accountability.

I know how you are feeling because I was once where you are.

* Watching hours of YouTube videos trying to understand how to set up your blog.

* Taking EVERY free course that you can find in hopes it would help you.

* Having NO plan.

* Thinking that blogging is ONLY about putting words on a website.

* Wanting to please everyone and in the end, pleasing no one.

* Thinking that you can't blog because you don't know the tech side of things.


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* The blog of your dreams.

* A blog that showcases your passions.

* A blog that speaks to your ideal reader.

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* Your own website.

* A coach that holds you accountable.

* A coach that walks you through step by step.

* An understanding of how to set up your own site.

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* Yourself a voice.

*  Your readers hope.

* Yourself a chance to heal.

* A way to change the world.


"I didn't think that I was unique.  I saw a bunch of people living my dream.  I wasn't sure I had anything to offer.  And after I published my first post, I felt like I finally had a voice.  That is what you help give to people."


"Samantha is the best!  I was ready to give up on blogging until I hired her as a coach.  Now my blog/following is growing so quickly."


Let me help you share your story through blogging

Once you enroll in this live course, you will get a 1 on 1 blog consultation with me.  (Value $225)

In this consultation, you will...

* Get to ask me questions in regards to your blog.

* I will create a 3 step action plan for you to begin.

* I will help you with 1 of those action steps to get you started.